line marking services melbourne

Line Marking Services Melbourne

Truline Australia is an Australian family-owned and operated company offering high-quality line marking services to domestic, commercial and industrial clients, throughout Victoria. We hold all required insurances and all of our staff have current Working with Children Checks.

Line Marking Sports Courts and Sports Field

Truline Australia can provide a full range of line marking surfaces for any outdoor sporting code. These services include permanent markings for:

  • netball
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • badminton
  • multipurpose areas
  • or any other required markings.

We can also undertake the initial paint markings to your grass sporting fields, ensuring the lines are correctly applied. The markings then require regular remarking to guaranteeing a continuously professionally marked area.

Discover our full range of line marking machines, paints and powders.

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sport field line marking melbourne
line marking services victoria

Line Marketing for Schools and Playgrounds

Truline Australia can offer innovative, vibrant and fun line marking designs and playground games. Playground markings can enhance a play space by adding educational and safety aspects to an otherwise drab concrete space while adding colour and visual appeal.

We can do a full range of markings including Hopscotch, Chess and Checkers, Snakes and Ladders, Handball Squares, Number and Counting Games and Animals.

We can also create safe evacuation points, boundaries and anything else your space requires!

You can also rest assured that all our staff have current Working with Children’s checks.

Line Marking For Car Parks

Truline Australia provides a professional line marking services which optimise the safe and effective flow of traffic and pedestrians within your car parking facilities. A well-planned with accurately measured car parking bays maximises available parking spots and allows for adequate useable spaces for disabled drivers, loading zones, parents with prams, drop off and pick up areas, emergency or reserved vehicle parking etc.

We can also provide a range of other markings including lettering and numbering and any other road markings required.

Warehouses and Factories

Truline Australia offers a full range of hazard identification and OH&S line and floor markings. These markings not only help your business to comply with legal requirements but provide clear boundaries and visible instructions for visitors and employees.

This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of workplace accidents and improves workplace safety.

Effective line marking in the factory setting allows clear segregation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, defines hazardous and ‘no-go’ zones and enhances warnings and other signage. It also provides other control measures such as directional instructions, loading zones, customer pick up areas, stock and equipment bays, among any other marking requirements.

line marking services victoria
line marking services

Road and Pavement Line Marking

Truline Australia can provide a range of road marking solutions including lane marking, pedestrian and Zebra crossings, chevron and keep clear markings, lane arrows and other directional symbols and give way and stop markings.

We can also create pedestrian and shared way markings on the pavement, among many other options. Please contact our office to discuss your individual needs.

Other Services

  • Custom markings and stencilling
  • Line marking removal services
  • Speed hump and wheel stop supply and installation
  • Bollard supply and installation
  • Sweeping services

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