basketball load testing melbourne

Sports Equipment Load Testing Melbourne

Book our load testing and safety inspections for basketball towers and other sporting and playground equipment.

We also offer visual inspections on netball posts/rings.

Comprehensive Inspection + Reporting

Our inspections are comprehensive and include a written report with photos and recommendations.  The following checks and tests are performed on each tower:

  • Visual inspection of the goal for signs of fatigue, rust, cracks in welds etc
  • Visual inspection of concrete footing/ground sleeve (outdoor towers only)
  • Visual inspection of backboard, ring and post padding (where applicable).
  • Checking the structure and ring for regulation height.
  • Inspect all assembly hardware and tightening or replacing as necessary.
  • Static load test – 350kg weight hung from ring
  • Inspect hoist mechanism, cables and attachment points (indoor units only)
  • Lubricate pivot points and related mechanisms


  • Call out fee: $340 + GST (Melbourne Metro).  If outside Melbourne Metro, please contact our office for a call-out fee quote.
  • Outdoor towers – $87 + GST each
  • Indoor units – $115 + GST each
  • Price per goal (1-4 units) – $148 + GST each
  • Price per goal (5+ units) – $128 + GST each
  • Price per goal (5+ units) – $128 + GST each

Once we receive your order, we will be in contact to schedule your test.


To place your order, call one of our experienced team members on 1800 99 55 77 or click the button for our contact form.

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